Finance- Factors to Think About Before Purchasing the Best Vacuum for Pet Hair
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Pet Hair Vacuum

After 40 years in a government agency, you’re finally going to retire and start that house improvement project you’ve always wanted to work on. Your carpets are filled with scattered pet hairs, and the dust buildup in your attic. You also want to get rid of the scum in your bathroom and cobwebs around your home.

Well, the first thing you need to invest in is the best vacuum for pet hair. A reliable and functional pet vacuum system will allow you to get rid of the pet hair buildup, and if it comes with a crevice tool, you can also get rid of the cobwebs. However, there’s a myriad of vacuum cleaners in the market, and some are better suited to specific tasks than others and thus picking the perfect one will save you the hassle of having to skim the same section of your carpet severally.

That said, here are some vital considerations you need to take into account when choosing the best vacuum cleaners:

Consider the Area You’ll Be Cleaning

You have to consider the Area you want to clean. Will you use the vacuum cleaner to clean the entire house, attic only, or the basement? When you figure that out, it’ll help you determine the type of vacuum cleaner to purchase. A small, lightweight vacuum cleaner, for instance, will be best suited for cleaning a large space. If you, however, need to clean the attic, the canister vacuum cleaner will be ideal for handling those challenging tasks.

Consider An Upright or Canister Vacuum

If you’re trying to figure out between purchasing an upright or canister vacuum, you need to consider some few factors. Upright vacs are excellent if you want to leave it on one level of your estate. The vacuum cleaner will also make vacuuming easier if you have issues with bending and lifting. Nevertheless, canister vacs will offer you more freedom and are more straightforward when handling those tight and hard-to-reach spots.

If you have a staircase, buying the canister vacuum would be more convenient since the upright vacuum cleaner hose has it’s limitations and balancing an upright on the stairs isn’t an easy feat.

Bagged or Bagless – What’s Your Preference?

Most upright vacuum models feature the bagless option. Going bagless is incredible since it saves you a couple of bucks and regular runs to the vacuum shop. It also makes it easier to retrieve the lost earrings and prized Legos that you might have vacuumed.

Nonetheless, you need to also think about the bagged option. It’s because the bagged vacuums hold in more dirt and pet hair and emptying them releases less dust into the air. It can be the best alternative if you also have allergies.

HEPA Filter and Other Air Quality Features

Buying a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter can make your cleaning chores even better. HEPA filters get rid of particles from the air before it’s exhausted back into your home. It’s an excellent feature to invest in, but you also have to replace it as recommended by the manufacturer regularly and they can be a bit pricey, too.

Some canister vacuums also have this feature, but you need to check how the filter is attached to the hoover to make sure you have a trouble-free time cleaning.


Amps and watts determine a vacuum cleaner’s power. Amps are the amount of electric current flowing through the hoover. Watts, on the other hand, are amps multiplied by the power voltage drawn.

Many upright vacs feature seven to twelve amps while their counterparts, canister vacuums, have 12 amps. The maximum allowable amps that you can plug into a household outlet is about 12 amps.