Selling Bitcoin in Person
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In certain ways, selling bitcoin in person may be the fastest way to transmit the digital currency.

The method is easy if you have friends or relatives who want to buy Bitcoin. Use a bitcoin wallet to set them up, give them bitcoins, and collect your cash.

When selling Bitcoin in person, there are some items to be careful of.

Agree on a price: Decide for you on a rate that works.

Many use a price, or the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index, from a popular bitcoin exchange.

To cover expenses and as a convenience / anonymity premium, some sellers add a percentage on top of these prices.

To measure prices, you could use a mobile app. Apps that are common include Zeroblock and BTCreport.

It helps to be mindful of local price fluctuations. Prices can differ from country to country, mostly because of difficulties with the local national currency in acquiring Bitcoin.

Around the world, there are several bitcoin meetings where individuals are happy to exchange bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Keep safe, Stay safe

It is often best to meet in a public place and / or go with a friend while carrying a large sum of cash.