LG TV Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi

LG TV Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi

If you’re struggling to connect your LG TV to your network, you might wonder: Why won’t my LG TV connect to Wi-Fi? With LG smart TVs, users in the UK and beyond can watch TV shows and movies in high definition. You will, however, have to connect your LG TV to Wi-Fi to do this. LG TVs may not function without Wi-Fi. However, users sometimes complain that their LG TVs do not connect to the internet. 

So, how come your LG TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi? Poor internet speed is to blame for Wi-Fi connectivity issues on LG TVs. In some cases, your LG TV may suffer from hardware problems, making it unable to connect to Wi-Fi. You can usually resolve most Wi-Fi connectivity problems by restarting your router or LG TV.  

LG TV Not Connecting To Wi-Fi: Solutions

1. Reboot LG TV & The Wi-Fi Router

Rebooting your LG TV is the first step if it doesn’t connect to the internet. A reboot of your LG television is quite simple. Here is how. 

  • First, you must shut off your LG TV and disconnect it from the outlet.
  • After that, wait for a minute.
  • Then, reconnect to the power source.

Hopefully, your LG TV will now connect to the Wi-Fi. However, your Wi-Fi router may be at fault if the issue persists. In that case, try to reboot your router. 

Leaving routers running for an extended time can result in connectivity problems which you can fix by rebooting. Follow the directions below.

  • First, remove the power cord from the router.
  • After that, wait for a few seconds.
  • Then, plug the power cord in again.
  • Now, ensure that the router has established a connection.

By doing so, you can reboot your router and connect your LG TV with it.

2. Change DNS Settings

Your LG TV might be unable to connect to the Wi-Fi if your DNS setting is incorrect. Therefore, you should check the DNS settings if your LG TV cannot connect to the internet. Here is how to change DNS settings.

  • The first step is to go to the “Settings” and then access the “All Settings” option.
  • Then, you need to choose “Network.”
  • From there, choose your connectivity option.
  • Next, choose “Connected to the Internet”.
  • A window will appear with the DNS server settings; choose the “Edit” button.
  • Remove the automatic setting from the box.
  • Then select the DNS server option.
  • Write “” in the box.
  • Then press “Save.”


Overall, it would help if you rebooted your LG TV to get it to connect to Wi-Fi. Connect it again after waiting for a few minutes after unplugging it. 

Rebooting LG TV and router usually fixes the Wi-Fi connectivity problem. If the issue persists, you should adjust the settings and factory reset your LG TV.

Alternatively, you can take the LG TV to a repair shop if you believe the problem is with the hardware. Besides, you can contact LG’s customer support team for help resolving the WI-FI connection issue on LG TVs.

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