US Stock Exchange

International Regulatory Bodies for the Control of Trading Operations in the Forex Market

Although the forex market is still not well-regulated, jurisdictions around the world have recently undergone significant changes, revealing a clear trend towards the introduction of strict and, at times, excessive regulations aimed at regulating forex activities. Unlike the stock or commodity market, where transactions are carried out through regulated exchanges (London Stock Exchange, New York Stock …

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Forex Analysis

Types of Forex Market Analysis

The most important goal in using in Forex market is to know how to make money from this market. To make the right choice, decisions should be based on a thorough study. There are 2 different kinds of studies (analyses) investors use: Fundamental analysis Technical analysis Fundamental analysis: we will talk about this analysis briefly …

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Forex Account Type

Types of Forex Accounts:

There are many types of accounts a broker can provide for the investor. Demo account: this account is a training account for all investors (beginners and professionals) to learn trading and build new strategies. Regular account: this account allows the investor to trade with normal US Dollars. Minimum volume in trading is 1 lot and …

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Making Decisions

Decisions in the Forex Market

To simplify the operations in the Forex market, there are only 3 decisions someone can make in the market: Buy Sell STAY OFF THE MARKET Staying off the market Is the most important decision you will take in the Forex market. It’s about 80% of the decisions taken. It’s taken in cases where the direction …

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Best Currencies

Expressions in the Forex Market

· Pip: The price change between pairs of currency. Some call it point; either way, it’s the fourth digit after the fraction (0.0001).e.g.: EUR/USD = 1.2345, when the price increases one pip, it will be 1.2346. · Trend: The direction of a pair of currencies; it could be up trend or down trend or side …

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Forex Market

What Moves the Forex Market?

The most important factors that affect the market are: • Interest rates: The sum charged, calculated as a percentage of the principal, for the use of assets by a lender to a borrower. • Economic and political conditions How the government intervenes in the economy is linked to political factors. Political considerations, in particular, include …

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Foreign Exchange 1

Main Currencies

Foreign Exchange (Forex or FX) refers to one currency being exchanged for another. One can exchange the U.S. dollar for the euro, for instance. On the foreign exchange market, also known as the Forex Market , foreign exchange transactions will take place. With trillions of dollars changing hands every day, the forex market is the …

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Bills and Coins

Entering the Forex Market

Every one of us wants to make something that we can leave for the world. All of us have a dream and most of these dreams unfortunately depend on the money. As such, most of us strive to save and maintain a job with a respectable salary. An unobtrusive manager and a lack of pressure …

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